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Just like human body, your air-conditioner also needs to “detox” once in a while to ensure its functionality in the long run. Therefore, a regular cleaning and servicing is essential to keep your air-cond in check and extend its life span.

Price Range

Supply and Install new air-cond free 10 feet copper pipe

Daikin 1.0 hp RM 1300
Daikin 1.5 hp RM 1600




Chemical wash (Wall-Mounted)

1.0 hp RM 100
1.5 hp RM 120
2.0 hp RM 140
2.5 hp RM 160

You can choose to install your air-conditioner in a few ways:

   • Wall Mounted
   • Ceiling Cassette
   • Ceiling Exposed
   • Inverter Air-cond
   • Ionizer Air-cond

chemical wash ceiling cassette

air-cond checking

air-cond Installation

Check Gas air-cond

We will leave no wire dangling in your house. You can expect and neat and efficient wiring service from us.

Available services:

   • Install ELCB & Main Switch

   • Install Socket Point

   • Install Fuse Box and Lay Wiring

   • Install On/Off Switch timer

   • Electrical fault checking

   • Install Exhaust Fan, Ceiling Fan and Light

Be it the dripping faucet or the leaking pipe, we can fix it for you. Just call 017-890 9188 for service or more information.

Available services:

   • Suppy and Install/Repair Water Storage Tank, Water Heater and Water Pump

   • Supply and install Poly Tank and Stainless Steel Tank

   • Lay PVC Pipe, ABS Pipe, Poly Pipe, Copper Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe, Buteline Pipe and Solar Pipe.

   • Clear Toilet or Floor Trap Blockage

   • Install Water Cistern

   • Install Basin and Tap

   • Repair Pipe Leakage

GEN AIR Water Filter System

How can you and your family be properly shaded when your roof is worn and leaking? Let us fix those leaky roof and replace new waterproof roof tiles for you.

Roof Tiles Repairing

Roof Tiles Repairing

Roof Tiles Repairing

Roof Tiles Repairing


Daikin FTV60P & RV60C 2.5hp .Air conditioner Non Inverter Wall Mounted R32

Mitsubishi Air Cond

Acson Air Conditioner Installation

Roof Waterproofing Service

Roof Waterproofing Service

Supply AND Install Water Filter RM 500

Supply AND Install Water Filter


Toilet Waterproofing Service


Kawa KMI 3-4 (0.75HP) Automatic Water Pressure Pump

Water Pump Repair

Water Pump Supply and Installation Service


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