Air-Cond Service

Just like human body, your air-conditioner also needs to “detox” once in a while to ensure its functionality in the long run. Therefore, a regular cleaning and servicing is essential to keep your air-cond in check and extend its life span.

Price Range

Supply and Install new air-cond free 10 feet copper pipe

Daikin 1.0 hp RM 1300
Daikin 1.5 hp RM 1600




Chemical wash (Wall-Mounted)

1.0 hp RM 100
1.5 hp RM 120
2.0 hp RM 140
2.5 hp RM 160

You can choose to install your air-conditioner in a few ways:

   • Wall Mounted
   • Ceiling Cassette
   • Ceiling Exposed
   • Inverter Air-cond
   • Ionizer Air-cond