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Air-cond service "PROMOTION 1-30 Nov 2019"

Nov 7, 2019
Air-cond service "PROMOTION 1-30 Nov 2019"
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冷气服务1-30 日11月2019年优惠,马上安排预约。Call Now: 012-687 2045

Chemical wash (Wall Mounted)
1.0 hp RM 80
1.5 hp RM 120

Just like human body, your air-conditioner also needs to “detox” once in a while to ensure its functionality in the long run. Therefore, a regular cleaning and servicing is essential to keep your air-cond in check and extend its life span.


Price Range :
Supply and Install New Daikin air-cond FREE
10 feet copper pipe
批发与安装全新Daikin 冷气机

Daikin 1.0 hp RM 1250
Daikin 1.5 hp RM 1500

You can choose to install your air-conditioner in a few ways:
• Wall Mounted
• Ceiling Cassette
• Ceiling Exposed
• Inverter Air-cond
• Ionizer Air-cond


Mar 5, 2014


  1. Buy new Air-Cond, Get a 10-feet copper pipe for FREE

  2. Suppy & Install 1.0 hp Second-hand Wall-Mounted from
      RM580 ONLY

  3. Chemical Wash Start from RM80 ONLY

  1. 购买一台新冷气免费 10尺长铜喉
  2. 按装二手冷气从 RM 580
  3. 药水清洗冷气, RM 80



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